Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I have moved to Microsoft Outlook from Thunderbird. I was happy with Thunderbird for so long, but Lookout has changed my mind to move back. But one thing i dislike about MS Outlook is that i have to open Outlook express to read newsgroups. Is there no way they could have added that functionality to MS Outlook?


Kumaraguru said...

I don't know about you, I have started using Google Groups ( )for reading newsgroup posts. You can also post messages to the group from there itself using your gmail address. You can search and sort by relevance or by date. So, why do you want to get stuck with Outlook express.

Krishna said...

The reason i cant move to a web client is because i have to access a few private newsgroups(official) which are accesible only in the intranet. And i do not want to use multiple clients, one for official and one for personal!

Suj said...

A fellow griever here! Have always wanted newsgroups integrated into Outlook. Wonder why the integration giant a.k.a MS chose to keep it this way.
Nice blog, btw.