Thursday, October 14, 2004

Installed the Google Desktop search! Excellent tool. It finds strings from test files, word, excel, powerpoint, AOL IMs, and much much more. And the Google integration makes much more easier to access as one of the tabs when we launch the google website.
But iam already seeing a potential problem. As i try searching for some term, it shows up files from all the normally unreachable folders of my machine, ie, web cache and other files which i wouldn't like someone else using my PC to look at! Sure using preferences, you can specify which folders shouldn't be searched, but if you know all the folders that well on your PC, you wouldn't need a search, right? But i cant stop using this wonderful tool, just because of this minor concern, i just have to make sure no one else accesses my PCs in my absence from now on! :-)
Iam not sure when Google will get this on Linux as well.

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