Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry has lost!
The blogosphere in general, is in a highly depressed mood with the Bush win. Some weblogs are drawing solace on the fact Nixon also got reelected a second term, but he was impeached during that term. I genuinely and honestly hope that would happen soon. One thing that strikes me most though, is the fact while the 70-80% of the blog world wanted Kerry to win, while more than 50% of the American public thought otherwise. God bless America.
The main issue with the Bush win is that, Bush might consider this as an acceptance of his foriegn and domestic policies by the American public, which i believe is far from the truth. This is more of the Democratic party's inability to utilise the momentum against Bush to its advantage. Lets just hope Bush returns to more civilised ways, wins back support of the rest of the world, stop thinking about more invasions, gets Osama, cleans up his Iraq act, revs up the economy, gives better health care to Americans, revitalizes the intelligence community, and starts thinking more about the environment. I know thats a tall ask given Bush's reputation during the last 4 years, but whats wrong in hoping? Its hope that has and will save this world!

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