Sunday, January 16, 2005

I use Firefox almost 95% of the time (the other 5% for those crazy sites which seem to work only on IE. This includes a few of our intranet webpages). And i find the following extensions simply hard to live without.

Livelines - This helps me add a RSS feed directly into Bloglines
BlogThis - This is to post a blog entry in Blogger
IEView - View the current page in IE (for those 5% sites i was talking about)

Do you have any such 'hard to live without' Firefox extensions?


Kumaraguru said...

I don't know about you but BugMeNot FireFox Extension ( ) saves me plenty of time whenever I am blocked by a page that requires compulsory registration(such as NYT).

Anonymous said...

Bookmarks Synchronizer : Can't live without this! Great to keep bookmarks in sync at work and at home.


Krishna said...

KG, I was thinking about BugMeNot as a nice to have extension, but never thought it already existed.

Aravind said...

Me too an ardent supporter of firefox browser.
Off late having a problem .I cant open my Gmail in firefox.the page does not open at all after a while i get the timeout error.any solutions?

Krishna said...

Aravind, Thats strange. Didn't a fresh install help?

Anonymous said...

thats foxy-tunes (it integrates ur media player into the browser)