Monday, July 11, 2005

Corporate blogging in India

Even though blogging is popular in India, there is a noted scarcity of corporate weblogs. One would expect at least the IT sector to pitch in with some blogs that offer an industry perspective. Wouldn't it be interesting to have Nandan Nilekani or Azim Premji blogging? Or atleast some of the junior executives out there? It's not just in the Indian-owned companies that we see this huge absence, but also in the MNCs that have set shop here in India. Take Microsoft for example, where Scoble has been trying to get every possible product/test group to start blogging. Yet we do not see any groups blogging from the Microsoft India development center. Even Channel9 India is almost non-existent. There may be some Indian companies that encourage blogging and are supportive of it, but i haven't atleast heard of any. Have you?


Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Adventnet, a networking company in Chennai has Employee weblogs @

The last time I looked at some of them, they did appear active.

The Learned Man! said...


I am trying to build a list of corporate blogs in India. For the W.I.P list please see:


The Learned Man!

Anonymous said...

Check out the indian Corporate Gifting Blog GIFTEX.