Saturday, October 22, 2005

A nice post by Cringely.

My point here is that we're entering another period of Internet exuberance. Yes, a lot has changed since 1999, but it's amazing how many of the ideas being pushed are the SAME ideas, just empowered now by dark fiber, cheap broadband, and six years of Moore's Law. And this time I think it will actually work and the Internet will change even more than it has the ways we live and work. But it isn't going to come easy and it isn't going to come cheap.


calvin said...

Well I hope you are not staying in the areas affected with flood. Now for the comment.

True , but do you think everyone will want that ? considering that ther is less than 50% of American population has access to broadband, and even a smaller percentage know that such things exist ( most people do a bit of googling , nmaybe check mail , thats all ) and most of all , those who do know are children and teenagers , do you think the industry will be ready to eke out such sums of money ? Us indians are even worse. We have to take care of others things like power and food shortage ( just think of the price of " Valiya Ulli ( Savala ) " that has gone past the 'ridiculous' price mark.

Krishna said...

No Aashik. I knew about the floods only after my mom called me up. She saw it on TV. :) That aside, it looks like it has been terribly messy in many parts of Bangalore.