Thursday, January 12, 2006

TI -> Google

After six years at TI, I have decided to move on. Tomorrow will be my last day here at TI. It has been an excellent six years here, having had the opportunity to work with some great, nice and friendly people. It will be very hard to be away from all of them. Thanks to all the folks, especially the arattai gang, for the great time I had here.
Iam joining Google on Monday, the 16th of Jan. Regular readers of this weblog will know that I have been an ardent fan of Google and its produts for quite a few years now. So it would be interesting to be actually working on some of those products. As part of the move to Google, i will also be moving from Bangalore to Hyderabad. As it will take me a while for me to get settled with my new job in a new city, blogging here will be light atleast till the month end. My next post will be as a Googler(or Noogler, as the newly hired googlers are called).

Wish me all the best!


Ravi said...

Delighted to hear about your move to Google. Very happy for you. Hope you will continue to post on your blog, though! All the best!

antrix said...

uber cool! congrats on the new job! remember me a few years down the line when I send my resume ;-)

and welcome to hyderabad :-)

LI said...

Hey Krishna,
Wish you the very best in Google.It is a real good company to work for :-)

ashesh said...

Hi Krishna,

All the BEST at Google!!!


calvin said...

coooooooooolll ...thats way too cool. congrats and all the best. and you are leaving Bangalore at the mercy of your brother (who henceforth can act unbridled ) ?

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Belated congratulations and all the best !!

Will be looking forward to hear more about Google and Hyderabad :)

Hyderabad is where my better half and a lot of my relatives are from !!

Kishore said...

Hey Congrats.. :)
And thanks for ur comment.. All the best on ur new company.. and keep in touch...

Aravind said...

Hey man .Nice to hear that u gonna work for Google.Kewl.Congratulations and All the very best. we can expect more google based posts in ur blog. Happy Googling!!

Krishna said...

Thanks to all of you!

@sudhir - Ping me when you come over to Hyderabad. We can meet up.

@aashik - I don't think he cares about whether iam in Blr or Hyd! He does what he wants todo! :)

@antrix - You don't have to wait a few more years for that. Just send your resume! :)

Raj said...

Congratulations! And the all the very best in your new job and new city!