Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hyd Notes - 1

  • Hyd seems to be filled with police all the time. They seem to be pretty strict as well. As helmets in two wheelers and seat belts in four wheelers are compulsory here, i guess the police squads will be making quite a good amount of revenue.
  • Roads are very wide compared to the ones from Bangalore. Traffic also is a bit light compared to Bangalore. So its not that tough to stay >10Kms from your office.
  • Traffic sense of people here is really pathetic. And most drivers are pretty rash. And almost every vehicle here has atleast a few dents.
  • Its pretty hot out here, even though it's not yet summer.


Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Welcome to my better half's hometown :)

Some of my observations:

# I haven't seen the policemen being strict about helmets/seat-belts the umpteen times I've been out on Hyd'bad roads in the recent past. Do you by any chance have a non AP registered vehicle or is it a general observation ?

# The traffic sense is absolutely pathetic. Driving can be a nightmare especially for experienced, sane, rule-obeying drivers.

# The heat. It's just beginning :)


Krishna said...

No. I don't drive a vehicle here. That was a general observation! I guess the police presence may be more in the routes i frequent. Hitec city, Jubilee Hills.. etc

calvin said...

Krishna , What took you so long ? Work ? or is it just the Google effect ?