Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gautham Ghosh mentions that TCS is going for a "disruptive innovation" by hiring science graduates and training them to become software engineers. But isn't this the same thing Wipro has been doing with its WASE program for quite a few years now?


Gautam Ghosh said...

well krishna it's a little different apparently. Wipro's focus was on taking BSc's and turn them into MS (from BITS Pilani) in 4 years time, also locking them in for that period.

TCS's drive doesn't seem to have either bond or further education carrot either

rich_m said...

I have a community for the B.Sc/B.C.A students at orkut.

From what i hear i think it is a 2year bond @ TCS unlike WIPRO which is a 4year bond.

Drawback in WIPRO-WASE:
No experience certificate for 4years of work
The MS degree is a distance education.

vj said...

hey guys hi......yeah WASE is a 4 yr program n this time around i have been selected for it....i had also been to TCS....n rite on again....they have a 2 yr bond.....there is no further degree....but they have sumthin called the IGNITE program....where in u get trained specially. :)
anywayz take care mail id

Anonymous said...

I got selected in TCS Ignite.

I hav aproblem.

I did my 12th and BCA AS REGULAR COURSE but i did my 10th from corresspondent.

will it create any problem????