Wednesday, December 20, 2006

India map data

In case you haven't noticed yet, Google maps now has road data for a lot of Indian cities/towns. Most of the cities have information on important landmarks as well. For example, here are the map links for Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Trivandrum etc. Most of the national highways are covered as well. Let me know in case you find any issues with the maps.


Anonymous said...

Hey krishna
Thanks for putting up this link...I have been trying to get our address pinned on Bangaloe city map for quite some time... unfortunatley I have met with very little success.
Is there any way I could pin a location on to the Bangalore city map and blog the link for people to find their way online to get to the address...
Any assistance is appreciated.
Many thanks for all those wonderful links

Krishna said...

Once you have zoomed into the appropriate level and at the desired location, click on the "Link to this page" Link on the right hand side just above the map. This will cause your browser address bar to show the correct URL that points to this location and zoom level. You can use this link to blog about the location.

Neelesh said...

Any way i can superimpose my data on a map and get a pictorial view of my state wise data?
Or any other similar application available online...