Saturday, December 11, 2004

I seem to be getting lots of spam phone calls at office these days. Mostly from Citibank, StanChartered, and other banks trying to sell you credit cards promising you all sorts of goodies from alarm clocks to life-time free credit card schemes. Initially it used to be just the private banks, but now i constantly get calls from executives of nationalized banks as well. If its not credit cards, then its about home loans. After getting disturbed quite often i have decided to not pick up the phone unless i can recognize the phone number on my phone's display. I have tried this for a week now, but iam still concerned that i might miss some genuine calls. US has a do-not-call registry. I dont think India has such a scheme. Even if they have, iam not sure how many potential spammers will respect such a do-not-call request. And we cannot even install spam filters for phones! Is there no way around this spamming?

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