Monday, December 06, 2004

My Toshiba 2410 laptop modem(or modem settings) seems to have a problem. I have dual boot on this machine, and the modem works like a charm on Linux. But on WinXP Pro, it just seems to get a busy signal al the time. The modem on this laptop is a software modem(I guess from Agere). As the modem works fine with Linux, i assume that nothings wrong with the modem as such. Have i messed up some setting? Any of you Windows/Modem Gurus out there can help me out on this. Just for Info, i use the Mandrake Linux 10.0 Official distribution.
Update: Finally was able to fix this problem. But had to take my laptop to my Toshiba dealer. He figured out that the audio driver was conflicting with the modem driver. Iam thinking why Windows couldn't figure this out by itself and alert me on how to solve this problem!

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