Thursday, May 12, 2005


I have been using Notepad2 for a while now, and I really love it. I have never been a fan of bloated up and fancy IDEs, and so this should come as no big surprise. Notepad2 is very lightweight, has syntax highlighting for all languages I use, and has excellent keyboard shortcuts for most of the editing functionality. The only thing i miss sorely is the lack of tabs for editing multiple files at a time. Luckily Notepad2 is open source and is licensed under the GPL, and so i guess i can just add this missing tidbit. Let's see when i manage to find some time for this!

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Nicolas said...

Notepad++ is my favorite text (code source) editor :

It supports tons of languages, including HTML, PHP, JavaScript and ruby.
Some of the things that stand out to me: Macros, Multi-document sync’d scrolling, Vector-style zoom in/out, and Code highlighting that is on-par with Dreamweaver. It also has comparable site-wide find and replace. Another nice feature are tabs that behave like Firefox. They are draggable, and a middle-click closes them. Anything I could say won’t do it justice. In short, what Firefox is to the browsing, Notepad++ is to code.