Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Got my hands on IE7 today. Should say that it is pretty good. In a typical browsing session for about an hour, i didn't miss Firefox at all! One nice(and surprising) thing was that the search bar in IE7 had Google as the default! And yes, you can also choose other search engines.

+ Tabs
+ Feed discovery.
+ Phishing Filter (Haven't checked whether this works!)

- Looks bland. May be i miss my fav Firefox themes! :)
- There is an addons page for IE, but it doesn't have the kind of cool extensions that makes Firefox effective!


ashesh said...

Hi Krishna,

Thats cool man. I myself have been looking forward to try IE7. Where did u get the browser from? Is there someway you can send an invite or anything as such?


Krishna said...

Ashesh, Its available for download for anyone who has a MSDN subscription.