Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A messenger idea!

Woudn't it be nice to have a single Yahoo! messenger window with the various chats arranged in tabs? That will atleast save some task bar space!


F e r r a r i said...

Brilliant Idea!!!!

Aravind said...

hi Krishna ,
I have a question .When u visit a website which is in hindi, or tamil(font) using IE it is rendered fine .whereas when i browse the same wesite in firefox it doesnt.i checked for the hindi font in my pc and found none.
can you explain this and suggest me ways of browing such sites in firefox.


deepak said...

For tabs, get Gaim. They have a Windows version too. I don't know but maybe Trillian supports tabs too?

@Aravind: What you are seeing are embedded fonts. These are not installed on your computer but delivered along with the page. Unfortunately, (or as expected), MS and Netscape and competing and incompatible implementations for how to do this.

So if the site uses MS' .eot style embedded fonts, obviously only IE can show them, not Firefox (which is a Netscape derivative if u didn't know)

But if everyone just used Unicode and UTF-8, we wouldn't have to bother about this...

Krishna said...

@Aravind, I think Deepak clearly answered your question. One more thing i want to add is that, even in case of these embedded fonts, you should be able to find and download and then install the font. After installation, firefox will be able to show the font. You might want to set the View->Charecter Encoding Type in firefox to "User Defined".

Nagu said...

Due to patent issues, firefox cant process the .eot files. As of now only "view with IE" extension helps ;)

Aravind said...

oh ok.
then one has to install all the necessary fonts(coz each and every website uses a different one) and add them to the fonts list in the about.config .i had done it for a coupla websites and it works but i wanted to get a universal solution.
then is there any firefox extension in which one can add all your favorite extensions and install them all at once.
i found one called mass installer but it did not work for me.cos i find this extension installation a pain if one keeps switching computers .

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