Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Iam still trying to figure out whether to go buy a white iPod Nano or a regular 30GB iPod. Somehow the iPod Nano looks too small and fragile to me.


calvin said...

why ipod ? Buy Creative Zen..Its just as good.

Krishna said...

I already have a Creative Nomad Zen that i bought 2 yrs back. My experience with it hasn't been quite good. Current condition is that it requires a reset every time i do a cold-start. And creative support has also hasn't been very helpful!

TaTasKan said...

Hi, If you have a lot of music, and you like to play an artist, playlist, genre, etc often, then the 30G

If you are patient enought to transfer files to ipod, and have a very organized library of music, then the nano is good.

Nano looks very nice.

Problem is, IMO, Itunes.

Kiruba Shankar said...

Go for a Nano.