Sunday, April 17, 2005

Chandramukhi - A quick review

** I hope there are no potential spoilers ahead. Anyway proceed at your own discretion **

Watched it at the Innovative Multiplex yesterday. If you have seen "Manichitrathazhu" in Malayalam, you already know the plot completely, but you can still watch the movie for Rajini. Fight scenes mostly defy logic, but what's the point in trying to see logic here? Its mostly enjoyable, and thats what we are looking for. Nayantara looks good, and thats about it for her role in the movie. Jyothika does justice to her role, but don't bother comparing her performance to Shobana in Manichitrathazhu. Prabhu? Yaa, he's also there in the movie. Vadivel's exploits with Rajini is fabulous at times, but there are instances when its gross. Songs are good, especially "Raa Raa". Overall, a highly watchable movie.
PS: Liked the way the film titles were shown. Found that its done by Rajini's second daughter Soundarya. Cool job.


Aravind said...

hi nothing 2 do with chandramukhi.
I use Abilon as my desktop rss news feeds aggregator .any idea how to read the feeds of the blogs in Tamil.well the xml feeds are aggregated but there i cant read the parsed feeds.I mean the Tamil language is not read .Any idea how to overcome this .

Krishna said...

Aravind, Looks like Abilon doesn;'t yet support Unicode. I read Tamil blogs using Bloglines. So have never faced this issue

Aravind said...

I tried out the latest version of rssbandit and it works fine .But i cant do away with abilon coz its small,Fast and has some nice features which other newsreaders don have.will c for the change in the next version of abilon.

Good Day.


B2b said...

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