Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Click Fraud: How to Detect and Stop a Growing Problem

Why Linux can't kill Windows - Very valid points.

Optimizing FFTW and Split Radix

SpaceMonger - A very nice and intuitive application which gives a very detailed view of what's occupying all the space on your hard disk (Windows only). I never knew my GDS was taking up more than 780 MB of space!


deepak said...

Oh come on.. those are anything but valid points!!

I've written up a response on my blog.

Krishna said...

Deepak, Take the case of MS Office. I have tried to use Open Office and found it to be a bit slower than i would like. And there have many cases when the way MS Office shows a document is dramatically different from the way OO displays it. In a corporate environment, this is too big a risk to take by asking people to move to OO. Thats what Ian is pointing out."The only thing that can unseat Office is a revolutionary new product, like the Spreadsheet was 20 years ago." Mostly it has been catch-up time with the other popular MS products. May be there are a few innovative features available, but they are hardly enough reason for a switch. Same is the case with Linux.

deepak said...

But the OOo vs MS Office incompatibilities are in today's landscape. Ian basically says OOo will never be sufficient and that's why I say that's an invalid argument to make. OOo and Linux have shown lots of improvements in functionality and compatibility. As an OS, Linux is more than sufficient for most corporate desktops. OOo is getting there too. Heck, Ministry of Defense in Singapore has converted some 2000 of their staff to using OOo.