Thursday, April 21, 2005

One idea

There should be a way by which i can click on an email link on any webpage, the browser opens the Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo "Compose mail" page, and not the MS Outlook client that i have on my PC. If a method doesn't already exist, whats the feasibility of implementing it?


navin said...

Gmail/yahoo etc are webbased services, where as Outlook is localised. The architecture is entirely different.

Its also unsecure to let open your yahoo account :-)

I agree that your thinking is on the right track, the web based services should find way to make the mail client localised. I guess its possible to make your outlook POP3 connected to gmail etc ?

Nagu said...

If you are inside yahoo, and if you click an email address inside the mail i think i have seen that it opens a new yahoo compose window. Also Yahoo provided some mail client software along with the yahoo messenger which will do the same as you expected. I dont remember the name. For this you have to make the default mail client as yahoo client and also you have to be online. I dont think such i thing exists for MSN or gmail

Krishna said...

Navin, I agree on the security part. But atleast on machines where we are already logged in to the Yahoo/Hotmail account, there should be a way to directly take you to the compose page! Or else atleast we could show the login page!
Outlook POP3 for external servers? Thats a strict no-no at office. :(

Nagu, Iam thinking more in the lines of whether writing a firefox extension can do this. You should be able to set up the extension to choose any one of the online mail accounts. Just an idea though!

deepak said...


Just googled for 'firefox mailto: webmail' :-)

Krishna said...

Deepak, Thanks.. That's exactly what i was looking for.