Saturday, March 12, 2005

Amazing statistics!

Iam amazed reading the recent recruitment figures of the Indian IT companies! A few snippets..

Infosys Technologies has been hiring about 50 people a working day for the last nine months
Wipro adds three employees to its staff every working hour
Satyam will see an addition of 30,000 to the present 20,000 in the next few years
TCS’S headcount stands at 43,681 people with over 6,200 added in last two quarters.
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FYI : Amazed because, after starting operations more than 15 20 years ago, we(TI India) are still at a total employee strength of around 1300. That number is approximately what Infosys or Wipro adds in a month. :)


Raj said...

Services is a different ball game. You would be amazed to hear about the ramp up done by Accenture in Bangalore. From 0 to almost 10K in about 2 years!

TI was 220 when I 1300 is not bad for a product company.


Krishna said...

I completely understand that services mindset is totally different from a product dev mindset. But its the rate of growth really surprised me. I was wondering how their HR would be coping with such a rapid burst of new employees!