Saturday, March 19, 2005

Omea Reader

Finally found a RSS aggregator, that i seem to like. Omea Reader is the lite-version of the Omea Pro which is an all-in-one software. According to the site

Omea pro is a powerful universal client for aggregating and organizing all kinds of information: emails, files, web links, RSS feeds, newsgroups, tasks, contacts, and even custom resource types that you define.
Omea pro costs around 49$, but the good news is that Omea Reader is free(for now). What i liked more is that i can now read usenet newsgroups and RSS feeds in a single tool. And even though the UI looks complex, i somehow felt nice in using it. One thing is sorely miss in this tool, is a way to sync my RSS feeds with Bloglines. That would have been the killer feature for me.

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DB said...

Your wish is our command :)

As lame as that sounds, we're actually looking at integrating Omea Reader with Bloglines.

Oh, and just so you know (though it's not publicly released yet). Omea Reader 1.x is going to remain free, due to popular demand. And you're the first to hear about it :)

David Booth
JetBrains Marketing Guy