Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Yahoo! 360°

Got a Yahoo! 360° account. This looks more like an Orkut+Blogger+Yahoo Photos+ Yahoo Groups all put together in one big basket. Wonder how long it will be when Flickr also gets integrated into this basket. May be i can use this as a photo blog, if i find the time and inclination to use my Canon to click some pictures which will be fit for public consumption! :)
Ping me if you would love to have a Yahoo! 360° invite. Send me either an e-mail or leave a comment here.


Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

I need one :) I think you do know my email-id.

sudhirlp [at] gmail [dot] com !


Anonymous said...

would like an invite:

Anonymous said...

1 at Rajwaghray (at) gmail please. thanks

ByteBuzzer said...


My nickname on Yahoo 360* is bytebuzzer. I blog at I read your blog and liked the content you are posting. Do send your ID or mail me [bytebuzzer at]. Thanks


Alex said...

I just started a site that should help people get invites. Spread the word if you can:

Anonymous said...

can you throw me an invite?
thanks in advance


Kaps said...

Please send me a Yahoo 360 invite. my email ID is sambhar[dot]mafia[at]gmail[dot]com


Anonymous said...

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