Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Google Code Jam results are out!

The Google India Code Jam 2005 Qualification round results are out. The qualifiers are being individually intimated of the result. Here is some info of what i understood of the selection process. A total of ~2500 people participated in the Qualification round. The qualification round was conducted in 20 online 'rooms', with 10 sets of questions. So two rooms shared a question set. The top 50 scorers in each set made it past the qualification round. That gives them 10*50 = 500 qualifiers for the next round. However due to internet connectivity issues a good number of people couldn't properly attend the test on Sunday. For these people, a makeup test is being conducted today evening starting at 6pm IST. So the final number of people for the next round may be slightly above 500. One interesting comment made by one of the contest admins was that they had to disqualify about 300 people who they suspect have been involved in cheating! Thats a pretty good percentage of the total number!


Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where are the Google results published

Anonymous said...

Can you please give us the link for the results